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Lane Myers Construction is a premier Utah custom home builder specializing in luxury homes. For over a quarter of a century we have been advancing the perfection of our craft- and our reputation is invested in every new residence we discuss, design, and deliver. We are your advocate, your sounding board, and your guide to realizing your masterpiece.

Lane Myers Construction

At Lane Myers Construction, we have but one goal- build the perfect, exceptional home for each client. We know that our professionalism and attention to detail translates into the memories you begin building on day one with your new home. We challenge ourselves, and our trusted subcontractors, to show you what truly high expectations can be… and the incredible results when you exceed them. It’s why Lane Myers Construction is Utah’s premier luxury custom home builder, a fact proven with each beautiful home we build.



Lane Myers Construction has earned our position as an industry respected firm. We have been repeatedly chosen by industry professionals, and we have built homes for many notable industry insiders. The company we keep is a direct link to the end results we produce- and as such, we ensure our subcontractors and suppliers are top notch. Recruiting and retaining highly-skilled craftsmen with years of honed experience is what makes us better. When you build and foster relationships based on pride of work, you clearly see results that endure the test of time.

About Lane Myers



One of Lane’s most prized possessions is an album where he has compiled notes of thanks and appreciation from his clients. He has always tried to achieve the highest possible excellence in home construction, and these letters and notes remind him that the extra effort is worth it.

“So great to work with! We appreciate their focus on quality. We have built two homes with Lane Myers Construction. They have exceeded our expectations both times!”

– Trisha Wilstead


A luxury custom home can and should be designed with a budget. Our ability to cost effectively build beautiful homes is something we take great pride in. Apples-to-apples, item-to-item, we promise to deliver competitive costs that yield an unparalleled, finely-crafted home to be enjoyed for generations.

Throughout the Salt Lake Valley- as well as the Park City Area, Wasatch County, and the Utah Valley- you will see and hear of the breathtaking living spaces we’ve built, dedicated to the ideal that luxury and comfort should be effortless. Our ever growing history of intelligently designed and skillfully executed properties are a testament of this- and these properties become an investment to the families that own them.


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